Something is Missing!


This is my first blog post ever! I never thought I would be blogging one day because my fancy career would not allow me the time or space to sit and think clearly. I have always been creatively inclined but never took it seriously and assumed I'm meant to be a kick-ass Executive someday at a big firm. I'm from New Delhi, India. My father was in the Army and I changed 14 schools because we would get posted out of a city sometimes twice a year. I cannot complain, I had the most wonderful childhood and met some amazing people along the way! Some not so good too (but who doesn't right??). 

I'm a 90's child and during the time I was heading into college and thinking about my career, it was very difficult to think beyond MBA, Doctor or Engineer. Always had the support to follow my passion but at that age I never knew (my brain didn't know, but my heart was always conflicting). I just didn't know exactly what it was? All I knew was that I loved fashion, sketching and dancing. 

Come 2010 I am an MBA Grad! How time flies. I got a great job and moved to Dubai to work in Executive Recruiting. It was thrilling, exciting to meet big executives, earn good money etc. etc. etc. but there was never a day when on my one hour train ride back I knew "something is missing". Just didn't know what. 

So many people were complaining of the same thing about their careers- "something is missing". This feeling for me went away last year (2017) when I started doing Fashion Illustrations, mind you I had no idea what it was till last year. When I did discover it, I realized its a perfect combination of two things I love - Fashion & Art. I decided to leave Recruiting and pursue this full time. Its a whole other sob story how i got to the point of discovering it (maybe another blog post). 

What's my point? Don't ever let that feeling go away. I unknowingly didn't realize but I was consciously moving towards things I love - whether it was through clothes or sketching randomly over the years or joining dance classes for fun. I'll admit starting your own venture not so easy and there are days I want to just bang my head on the wall, but it's OK. I am now spending some of my time as a Dance Fitness Instructor and Fashion Illustrator, and I have never been happier. I realized my passion at the age of 30, some people do it at a very early age and some even later. It doesn't matter, as long as you found it! 

Don't give up on your dreams even if you don't know what exactly it is yet. Keep that fire burning inside you. "Nothing is missing" now.

Julie Benlevi-Zeff