Resources to Start With

So here's what I really started with! I used magazine cut-outs merely because I had so many Fashion magazines lying around. I thought why not get creative with it. From the cut outs I would design dresses. When I started placing the clothes on the female croquis, I realized I didn't understand portions because I never drew them myself.

Walks in my first thought, I know nothing about this field. Is loving fashion enough? NO! Not if you want to become a Fashion Illustrator. So i went onto Skillshare and started taking some tutorials - the very basics. Here's what you need to start tutorials on as a first step:

  • Drawing a basic figure 

  • Proportions & Scaling of the Croquis

  • Fleshing out the croquis

Practice this ! as many times as you can. You can also get templates off the internet by Illustrators to help you practice. Pinterest has some good ones. You can also buy books that have readymade templates.

Where to go? This is what I used: 

  • Skillshare 

  • Zoe Hong tutorials on Youtube

  • Udemy 

  • Instagram (Constantly following and being updated with what other Illustrators are doing)

  • Books - Fashion Illustration Inspiration & Techniques by Anna Kiper , Fashion Design Workshop by Stephanie Corfee, 5 Minute Fashion Illustration by Emily Brickel Edelson

Again, for me it was all about following people whose worked I could really relate to! It will probably be different for everyone. Go with your personal style and ideas. 

Tools I used: 

  • Faber Castel 2B Pencil

  • Lead Pencil

  • Definitely an Eraser!

  • Colour Pencils

  • Gouache Paint

  • Paint Brushes 

  • Black Pen (Sakura Pigma Micron) for outlining

  • Strathmore Bristol Smooth Surface Sheets (Again its personal choice on the sheets you prefer to draw on depending on your tools)

Additions in the last year:

  • Copic Markers (Recommended) - These are expensive but a great investment ! There are other alternatives too in the market like Blick Studio Markers or you can use Watercolor Markers or Spectrum Markers. 

  • Procreate App for Ipad Pro 

Julie Benlevi-Zeff